Grammarly Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

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Did you know that Grammarly’s biggest discount occurs on Black Friday and Cyber Monday? 

Grammarly Premium will help you improve your spelling, grammar, and style. If you’re a professional writer, business owner, or student, then you need to grab this opportunity for a better writing experience.

Follow this guide to activate your Grammarly Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. 

About Grammarly

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Grammarly is a grammar, spelling, and proofreading tool in one fantastic software program. It has many features to improve your sentences, vocabulary, punctuation marks, and other grammatical mistakes, making it perfect for content marketers and business owners.

The application is dedicated to comprehensive grammar checks. Aside from spotting your errors, Grammarly also explains your mistakes in detail. Whether you use the free or premium version, Grammarly will help a lot with your writing.

It also has great tone adjustment and plagiarism detection tools. Perform grammatical checks while also ensuring all your work is original. 

Accurate Suggestions

Grammarly offers the most accurate suggestions because of its advanced artificial intelligence technology. This system can spot contextual spelling errors that most spell checkers won’t find.

For example, MS Word and Google Docs editors won’t spot what’s wrong with this sentence: “Hay, it’s me!” That’s because these basic tools do not spot homophones as spelling errors. Grammarly will suggest you use “hey” instead of “hay.”

Grammarly’s accurate suggestions can also be attributed to its writing goals. Once you paste your writing or upload a document, it will show a list of goals to choose from. 

Select the type of audience, formality, intent, tone, and domain of your text. The app will tailor its suggestions based on these. 

Grammarly’s vocabulary suggestions are also contextual and accurate. For example, if you keep using “bad” in your writing, the app will suggest alternative words. But it will first scan whether you mean “ill-mannered” or “substandard.”

Clear Explanations 

The proofreading tool highlights all your writing errors and suggests the correct term or sentence structure. If you don’t understand why Grammarly flags it as an error, you can simply read its explanation on the right part of the screen.

Grammarly’s suggestions are divided into correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery. If it asks you to rewrite an entire paragraph, it will inform you that it’s because of the monotonous passage which lacks engagement. 

On top of the explanations is a scoring system that gives your text a rating based on the four aspects. This is a great method to assess whether your spelling and grammar are acceptable or not.

Available on Different Platforms

Grammarly Apps

Grammarly’s unique selling point is its availability on different platforms or devices. Aside from accessing the editor on its website, you can also download the browser extension. These extensions are available on Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Safari.

Grammarly is also available as a desktop app for Windows and Mac. Download it as a mobile application on Android and iOS. Or you can install the plug-in for MS Word and Outlook. 

Grammarly Pricing

Grammarly’s free version lets you create an account and run your documents on the spell and grammar checker. 

It features a basic proofreading tool that corrects your errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Grammarly Free also helps you observe conciseness in writing and use the tone detection functionality.

If you want access to clarity-focused sentence rewrites, lively sentence variety, fluency, and more, here’s the pricing for Grammarly Premium:

  • Monthly plan: $30 per month.
  • Quarterly plan: $60 every three months ($20/month).
  • Annual plan: $144 per year ($12/month). 

Grammarly Business is another version of Grammarly for those who work in teams. They offer monthly and annual subscriptions to Business users, which start at $25 per member per month. This is billed as full payment for all the users. 

Here are the costs for Grammarly Business’ annual subscription:

  • 3-9 seats: $180 per seat annually or $15 per month.
  • 10-49 seats: $174 per seat yearly or $14.50 per month.
  • 50-149 seats: $150 per sea yearly or $12.50 per month. 

What is the Lowest Price for Grammarly?

The lowest price you can pay for Grammarly is $12 per month. But this payment plan for the premium version is done annually. You can save up to $18 per month when you choose the yearly plan over the monthly plan, which costs $30.

If you do not want to pay a bulk amount of $144 for a yearly plan, go for the monthly plan first. It’s ideal for newbie writers who do not want to make a huge investment yet and students on a budget. 

You can also wait for Grammarly’s discounts regularly if you want to pay the lowest possible price. For instance, Grammarly’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals might drop up to 20%. That means you can pay as low as $9.6 per month for an annual subscription.

Does Grammarly Have Black Friday Sales?

Yes, Grammarly always has Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales during the holiday. But the company hasn’t announced its deals for this Black Friday 2022. 

The online grammar checker company typically drops its prices to 20% during Black Friday. You can pay up to $10 monthly if you purchase the annual premium subscription. 

The 2022 deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not active yet. But you can wait for discounts that Grammarly offers from time to time. Or get a student discount from Grammarly’s partners. Grab these opportunities ASAP before they end!

Last 2021, Grammarly’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals started during the first week of November. We hope the team runs their month-long sale during the same month this 2022.

How to Redeem the Grammarly Black Friday Deal or Coupon Code

Grammarly’s Black Friday deals won’t be around for a few months. But there’s nothing wrong with preparing oneself for the limited time price drops. You can also follow these steps to redeem Grammarly’s other offers, such as their current 20% discount on the website.

Fortunately, the discounts for this writing assistant do not require you to input the coupon code on your own. You can use an exclusive link provided by us with the code already activated. Here’s how to get that discounted Grammarly subscription.

Step One: Click the Link

Grammarly offers coupon codes with the help of their official partners. These codes are provided through exclusive discount links. If you want to redeem the huge discount, click on this link and move to the next step.

Step Two: Choose the Version of Grammarly You Want to Try

The link will take you to Grammarly’s website, where you must choose which version to try. Grammarly Premium includes all free features, style, tone, and clarity improvements. You’ll also have access to a plagiarism checker to look for duplicate content.

Grammarly Business is perfect for you if you work in teams of three or more in your organization. It’ll help develop a consistent voice and tone for your company through snippets and a brand style guide. Grammarly Business also features priority emails for users. 

Click “Get Started” under the Grammarly version you wish to purchase.

Step Three: Select Your Payment Plan

Now, you must pick how often you want to pay for the premium version. Grammarly Premium is available in three payment options: monthly, quarterly, and annual. 

I suggest going for the annual plan for ultimate savings. But the quarterly and monthly plans are also acceptable for those who do not want to pay in bulk. A short-term plan will also help you decide whether the premium subscription is worth it. 

Step Four: Enter Your Login Details

Grammarly will ask you to enter your login details. If you do not have an account yet, you can create one by following the on-screen prompts. It will ask for your email address and choose a strong password. 

Step Five: Choose Your Payment Method 

After logging in, Grammarly will take you to the payment section. They accept all the common cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and UnionPay. Make sure your card is enabled for eCommerce transactions for the discounted purchase to be successful.

Grammarly also accepts payments via prepaid cards. Just enter your information on the payment page.  

For more convenient transactions, choose PayPal. You no longer need to enter other payment information on the website, so it’s easier and safer.

Grammarly does not accept cash, personal checks, money orders, and some types of debit cards. 

Step Six: Make the Payment

Enter your card information if you choose to pay through your credit or debit card. Double-check if Grammarly automatically provided the discount on the premium plan.  

Step Seven: Enjoy Grammarly Premium or Business

Congratulations! You just grabbed a massive deal on Grammarly Business or Premium. You can now go to the web editor to use its advanced features like spelling and grammar checks. 

Feel free to download the browser extension, desktop application, and Word plug-in for real-time suggestions.  

Is There a Student Discount for Grammarly?

Grammarly doesn’t have official discounts or payment plans for students. But the company offers Grammarly for Education for institutions that want all students to have access to Grammarly. Check if your school or university offers this support.

The grammar-checking company also offers occasional deals on their main website, which you should regularly watch. If you cannot wait for their special sale, Grammarly offers student discount coupon codes through their official partners.

Click on this link for a student discount, make your payment, then enjoy Grammarly Premium. 

Is Grammarly for Free?

Grammarly is famous for being a free online grammar checker and writing assistant. Everyone can make a free account on the website and download its extensions and apps without paying. However, this free version only offers restricted features.

Grammarly Free only corrects your spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. It doesn’t help you fix the passive voice, offensive language, and lengthy sentences. Other errors it won’t help you with include monotonous writing, plagiarism, and inconsistent tone. 

Upgrade to the premium version for a deep analysis of over 400 grammar errors using the discount code here.

Can I Pay Grammarly Monthly?

You can pay Grammarly Premium on a monthly plan. Its regular price is $30 per month, but you can avail of the discount through coupon codes like the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal. 

If you want maximum savings for this writing assistant, I suggest going for the quarterly or annual plan. 

Is Grammarly Worth the Money?

Yes, Grammarly is worth the price because it will help you with almost all your writing concerns. It’s helped me improve my writing skills and also produce great content for social media platforms, my newsletter, articles, and more. It’s worthy of being called the best and most famous online grammar checker and plagiarism checker tool because of its accuracy and reliability.

Even the basic features of the free version are better than using nothing at all. But if you get a chance, upgrade and try out the Premium features and see for yourself how amazing this grammar checker tool is.

Grammarly Premium’s version ensures not only error-free content but also a perfectly written one. It’s also worth it because you can achieve your writing goals in real-time wherever you work. Grammarly is available on Google Docs, Word, Outlook, Gmail, Facebook, etc.

Is Grammarly Free for Teachers?

Grammarly is only free for teachers if the educational institution is subscribed to Grammarly for Education. If it isn’t, teachers can use Grammarly’s free version for basic features to address spelling and grammar checks.

And you can get a discount on the premium version if you follow the link here. It will redirect you to the official website. Then you need to make your payment. I always recommend this version because the Premium features are what’s going to put you a step above the rest.

Grammarly Military Discount

Grammarly also offers a discount for those working in the military. Just follow the link provided by Grammarly’s official partner to redeem the discount. It will lead you to the payment options and require you to enter your login details. 

Complete your payment information, and you’re ready to use Grammarly Premium. Grammarly’s military discount can range from 20% to 40% off.  

Get Grammarly Black Friday Deal Now

Grammarly is one of the most promising AI writing tools online for authors, content writers, and any type of writer to fix grammar mistakes. While it’s pricier than other writing applications, the company offers regular sales like the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Click this link to grab the exclusive Black Friday discount on Grammarly. You’ll enjoy up to 20% off on the premium subscription. But if you want to learn more about the great program, read my Grammarly review!

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