How ModMed is Using AI to Accelerate Healthtech Innovation

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The healthcare industry has experienced significant labor challenges in the wake of COVID-19. As a result, the healthcare services and technology (HST) sector is expected to be the fastest-growing sector in healthcare as hospitals and clinics adopt new technology to improve their efficiency amid staff shortages.

HST companies like ModMed continue to work fast and make significant strides toward developing technology solutions that will free up providers from unnecessary admin to focus on delivering care. ModMed’s customer-centric innovation places doctors and patients at the center of care through intelligent specialty-specific software. By understanding the needs of customers and the healthcare ecosystem, ModMed can innovate to deliver products that can be used to add value for providers and patients. 

ModMed’s high bar for customer engagement inspired them to invest in Grammarly Business with the intent of driving greater efficiency with improved customer communications. In the first year ModMed’s CEO, Daniel Cane, saw the benefits of using the service and recently took it to the next level by bringing in GrammarlyGO, Grammarly’s generative AI solution. 

AI as a force multiplier to accelerate productivity

ModMed’s perspective is that AI can be a powerful amplifier of human potential. This perspective is also reflected in the products ModMed is bringing to market. 

“We’ve been actively invested in multiple forms of AI in our products for years, giving thoughtful, responsible consideration to solutions that can save time and create value for practices and their patients while balancing the requirement for patient safety,” Cane said. For example, Klara, ModMed’s conversational patient engagement tool, leverages AI to empower patients to take control of their healthcare experience, which can help enable providers to increase their efficiency. 

ModMed’s use of AI within their own products made them keen to adopt AI within their own workflows so they could win the market through quicker innovation. “When GrammarlyGO [Grammarly’s generative AI solution] was released, we became early adopters,” ModMed CMO Adam Riff said. “We’re always focused on providing smarter solutions for not only our clients but also our team members. Grammarly helps us do that.”

With the addition of brand tones and the ability for Grammarly to understand and apply company knowledge, ModMed sees a future where Grammarly is used across various teams and tasks, not to replace people but instead to act as a “force multiplier.” 

Building time-saving solutions by using time-saving solutions

One of ModMed’s core values is “save time.”

“We are obsessed with clicks. We are obsessed with time savings and efficiency… it’s part of our core DNA,” Cane said. ModMed embodies this value at an operational level as well. “Technology that improves efficiency is critical to scaling our most important resources—our people.”

With Grammarly Business, the time-saving value is clear. “We’ve shifted to more asynchronous work and with fewer meetings, we’ve found that well-written, articulate communication is the most efficient way to get information across and collaborate,” Cane said.  

Grammarly Business empowers employees by giving them the ability to convey complex information concisely and empathetically so they can communicate confidently with the assurance that the message will be well-understood and well-received. 

The ModMed team spends less time reviewing and re-writing or questioning if they are conveying the right tone with teammates and customers. Meanwhile, the right activity is also hastened on the receiving end via clear, actionable information. “In a digital-first world, the quality of our communication is more important than ever before, and Grammarly improves the quality and efficiency of how we communicate,” Cane said. 

Uplifting the organization with a holistic mindset

While ModMed initially invested in Grammarly Business to improve customer-facing communications, Cane soon realized the value of Grammarly to create efficiencies across team communications. “It’s a solution that enables consistency…to uplift the professionalism of the written word throughout an organization.” 

A report from Deloitte validates ModMed’s holistic approach to using AI and generative AI. The report’s authors observe that “whenever a transformative technology emerges, some organizations are spurred to experiment for the sake of its novelty, which can lead to ‘random acts of digital’ that do not deliver the anticipated return. Instead, driving value with AI and generative AI requires a holistic approach and collaboration from cross-disciplinary teams. 

Innovating with an innovator

Grammarly Business has been instrumental in helping teams at ModMed create improvements and gain efficiency. “When the tools and technology can help you be a better you, it’s often worth the investment,” Cane said. 

The value of ModMed’s investment is only expected to increase with Grammarly’s announcement of several new enterprise AI features that will help organizations make use of and take action with institutional knowledge. “Generative AI requires a partnership between the technology and the users of the technology. The symbiotic relationship that develops can produce articulate, thoughtful, concise and purposeful outputs. By embedding this technology in the same tools and the same workflows we use in our business, a new form of collaboration has evolved.” Cane said. 

To learn more about how your organization can benefit from secure, AI-powered communication assistance with Grammarly Business, click here to get in touch with a Grammarly product expert.

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