How to get paid by Writing? 9 Sites Seeking Proposals Now

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It seems impossible to start a career in writing. Having so many people that ask you for free work, how could you ever make your living with your skills? But there’s a way, thanks to the internet. There are many people who are looking for writers and are agreed to pay as well. Here’s a list of 9 such sites, from where you can get such people and start your earning.

Australian Help

This is a perfect site for you if you’re a resident of Australia. You can write a range of topics on educational guides for students, so polish up your skills and get started. Work is always coming in, so this company can provide you continuous work. 

Content Writers

This service will help you to write for valued brands including Forbes, Mercedes Benz, or Pepsi, so sign up. You can list it on your portfolio or resume, its a great job.

Constant Content

You can sell your writing ideas here if you have good ones. The articles written by you are uploaded on the website which then extracts them from different categories and sells them to the exact buyers.

Swarm Content

The quick content is required by a lot of buyers because they want to post it to respond to trends. Here you can find a lot of success if you have the ability to produce articles on the current and relevant subjects quickly and cleanly. You can do well but you have to keep up with trends.


Can you do good editing? You can make cash through proofreading or copy-editing a book or a manuscript. You need to complete assignments quickly but if you are able to do it you will have work coming in.

BKA Content

The superiority of this website is that they offer customized service. This site will help you to get far if you want to directly contact your clients.

Crowd Content

Do you have adaptable skills? Are you capable of writing Facebook posts? Can you write a product description? You will get a lot of scope on this site is what you’ve asked to do. This is the best site for you if you dislike being bored in your work and want some challenges.


Do you have a skill and want to sell it? Possibly, you are able to write an excellent product description or you can imaginably produce the sales pitch. You just have to post your skill here and orders will start arriving. 


For writers, a good thing is that you are a controller of your time. You can write a little or much as you want on this website. If you have other commitments or want to take out some time for childcare. Once you work and rank up, you can get up to $80 for 500 words.

Writing is such a skill which remains always in demand, so you should make sure that you’re where your potential clients can find you. These websites can help you in building up your portfolio. You’ll be astonished by how much you can earn by writing online.