How To Write Efficiently

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Writing is a skill only the practiced ones can play with. No matter whatever your mode of writing maybe, you need to acquire certain traits before writing more efficiently. You simply cannot be a master of words through a shortcut because such shortcuts do not exist.

You probably will be spending most of your office hours in writing different memos. You would be shocked to hear if I told you how many words does a regular office worker annually writes. The word count is almost the same as that of the novel “The Great Gatsby”. A whopping 40,000 words per year!

You would be very comfortable if you excel in writing because most of the daily communication happens in words anyway. Even if you have other motives for excelling in writing, here are some useful tips that you can use in any situation related to writing.

  • Do Not Edit And Compose Simultaneously 

Suppose you are writing a novel and you try to get everything perfect the first time, there is a probable chance that you might never complete it, or your content will lose its standard. If you spend most of your time thinking about how the readers will find your content, you will actually be spending most of your time editing and deleting what you have written down.

Instead, you should focus on first completing your draft and then making the required and necessary changes. This way you will be saving a lot of time and your quality will also improve.

  • Avoid Using Extra Words

You should write only about your intended topic. Do not use words that are not necessary and do not words that will only increase the length of a sentence. Try to focus on clarifying your point and do not go off-topic so that the interest of the reader stays intact.

Suppose you conduct an online search for the best helmet brand in the U.S.A. Your search result will be full of blogs, websites, and social media posts talking about helmets. But you will be happy to find a post that is talking directly about the best helmets in America. You will notice that the mentioned post will not be blabbering about things related to helmet or even slightly related. This post can also be a video that will take you straight to the point and explain how a helmet of a particular brand is better than another brand. 

If you are confused about your content to be free of such words and sentences, here is a smart trick. Try to remove the first few sentences or paragraphs from your content. If your content is not losing its meaning and gist, you have successfully gotten rid of the blabbering and you are good to go.

  • Read Good – Write Good

It is a universal fact that extensive reading will give a pen power that will be incomparable. The more you read, the more you will be able to differentiate between good content and a bad one. This will allow you to modify your own content and you will know what you can add as different ideas to your content so that it maintains the interest of the readers. 

The best way to do this is to find something of your interest and try to search for a related blog. The more you read regularly, the more you will have a clear mind about how you can improve your writing as well. The reason is that you will have something to compare your own content with. Gradually, you will find the best in the field and ultimately you can compare yourself with the best one and there will be nothing to stop you from improving yourself.

Extensive reading will automatically equip you with another important and helpful trait in good writing. Your vocabulary will start to improve on a massive scale. You can then use a plethora of words to explain your intent in the best possible way. Having a good vocabulary does not mean that you will have too many words or you can use difficult words to make your writing fancy. No. It means you will know which word will best explain your motive in the simplest way possible.