Indefinite Pronouns Exercises (With Printable PDF)

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There are plenty of pronouns to learn and use in your writing. Let’s have a short review of indefinite pronouns in this guide, shall we? Learn its definition, examples, and functions in sentences. Then, challenge yourself to an indefinite pronoun worksheet I made to measure your knowledge of the topic.

What Are Indefinite Pronouns?

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Indefinite pronouns are a type of pronoun that doesn’t identify what it refers to. Someone, anything, everybody, and nothing are all indefinite pronouns.

Here’s a list of singular indefinite pronouns used with singular verbs.

  • Another
  • Anybody
  • Anyone
  • Anything
  • Each
  • Either
  • Enough
  • Everyone
  • Everybody
  • Everything
  • Less
  • Little
  • Much
  • Neither
  • Nobody
  • No one
  • Nothing
  • One
  • Other
  • Somebody
  • Someone
  • Something

Here are some plural indefinite pronouns that go with plural verbs

  • Both
  • Few
  • Many
  • Others
  • Several

Like other pronouns, indefinite pronouns can be subjects or objects in sentences. For example:

  • Everything looks amazing.
  • I like everything about you.

Be Pronoun-Proficient

By now, you should know what an indefinite pronoun is and how to use it in sentences. Some indefinite pronouns are singular, requiring singular verbs. Meanwhile, others are plural and require plural verbs.

Download the three worksheets above to practice, test your knowledge, and review your mistakes.

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