Is There a Collaboration Gap Hiding in Your Company?

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The State of Business Communication

Our State of Business Communication report offers insights and solutions for organizations that need to unlock high levels of collaboration, productivity, and profitability in a hybrid world.

The findings reveal fascinating differences in perception between knowledge workers and business leaders, interesting new correlations between employee confidence and business benefits, and—most importantly—clear steps leaders can take to ensure effective communication takes place across their organizations.

Rethinking Work As We Know It

Last week, we hosted organizational psychologist and New York Times bestselling author Adam Grant. He brought to light the many ways companies and professionals can rethink work in this hybrid work era. Today, we’re rethinking how work gets done when we’re collaborating remotely.

The infographic below explores the collaboration gap, a phenomenon in which leaders overestimate how much time their teams spend working individually in a typical week.

Our research revealed that knowledge workers spend about half their time working independently (51%) and half their time collaborating (49%). Business leaders assume otherwise, indicating they believe their teams spend 71% of their time working independently.

As you can see, business leaders assume their workers are overwhelmingly spending their time working alone. So over a 40-hour workweek, business leaders can underestimate how much collaboration occurs by over 8 hours. That’s a full work day! Download the full report for more insights.

Face the Future of Work with Grammarly Business

Organizations that want to facilitate collaboration, creativity, and connection, especially in remote and hybrid work environments, must get ahead of the inefficiencies and negative impacts of ineffective communication.

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