Subject and Object Pronouns Exercises (With Printable PDF)

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Subject and object pronouns reduce repetition in spoken and written English. As the name implies, subject pronouns replace the sentence’s subject. The object pronouns will replace the object in a sentence. Learn how to use each with our subject and object pronoun exercises to master English vocabulary in no time.

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What Are Subject Pronouns?

Pronouns take the place of a noun in a sentence. There are three main types of pronouns: subject, object, and possessive. A subject pronoun is used when the subject of the sentence is a pronoun. For example, “I” is a subject pronoun because it is the subject of the sentence “I am going to the store.” The common subject pronouns are I, he, you, she, it, we, they, and who.

What Are Object Pronouns?

Object pronouns refer to someone or something as objects of verbs or prepositions. The three most common object pronouns are “me,” “you,” and “him.” For example, if we say, “I saw him at the store,” the word “him” is an object pronoun because it refers to the person who is the object of the verb “saw.” Other examples of object pronouns include “her,” “it,” “whom,” and “them.”

Final Thoughts

Finding the right subject and object pronouns for a sentence might be tricky at times. It’s easier to identify them if you figure out who is doing the action and who the action is being done to. This should help you tell these two types of pronouns apart.

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