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The Grammarly for Developers team is thrilled to announce the general availability of the Grammarly Text Editor SDK. You can now use our API to provide your users with Grammarly’s beloved communication assistance to improve spelling, grammar, tone, clarity, engagement, and more.
The Grammarly for Developers team celebrates together in the San Francisco hub with streamers and balloons.We can’t stop celebrating!

What you can do with the Grammarly Text Editor SDK 🖥️

The SDK provides you with everything you need to add Grammarly’s writing assistance to text editors in your app. The SDK analyzes text and offers suggestions for how it can be improved.
Animation of adding the Grammarly Text Editor Plugin to a messaging app.

The SDK allows you to add Grammarly’s writing assistance to your app with just a few lines of code.

With a name like Grammarly, you might assume the SDK checks if the text is grammatically correct, and you’d be right. But the SDK, like all of Grammarly’s product offerings, does more than just check your users’ grammar and spelling; it helps them write content that is cleaner, easier to read, and in their desired tone. The SDK provides suggestions in these categories:

  • Correctness (grammar, spelling, and punctuation)
  • Clarity (conciseness and readability)
  • Engagement (vocabulary and word choice)
  • Delivery (tone and inclusive language)

With just a few lines of code, you can use the SDK to add the Grammarly Text Editor Plugin to your app.

The plugin will analyze your users’ text and underline issues as they type. It will display red underlines for correctness suggestions and blue underlines for clarity, engagement, and delivery suggestions. Users can hover over an underline to see a suggested change. They can choose to accept or dismiss the suggestion.

Screenshot of text where a user has hovered over an underline and a suggestion card is displayed

The plugin will also display the Grammarly button on the page. The button shows how many suggestions Grammarly has for your users. The Grammarly button menu also allows users to configure their experience. For example, they can choose their preferred English dialect.

Screenshot of the Grammarly button menu

On the Developer Hub, you’ll find details about all of the features the SDK provides to enhance your users’ writing experience.

How to get started with the SDK 👩‍💻

You can give the SDK a try by heading over to the Developer Hub and creating a new app. The Quick Start will guide you through using the API to add the Grammarly Text Editor Plugin to your web app (we support JavaScript, React, and Vue apps) or desktop app (we support Electron apps). Our early beta testers reported they were able to add the plugin to their apps in only a few minutes! 

“In just a few minutes I had Grammarly suggestions popping up on my website and was able to ship it to all my users. Grammarly has been one of the easiest third-party plugins I’ve ever implemented. You literally just have to import the plugin and annotate a textarea or input. That’s it, and it just works!”

—Alyce Dawson, Software Developer from

Once you add the plugin to your app, you can customize what features and suggestions you want to be turned on for your users. You can even customize the plugin’s theme to match your app’s UI.

Three variations of the plugin’s theme: default light mode, default dark mode, and custom light mode 

You can customize the plugin’s theme to match your app’s UI.

We have a forever-free plan, so you can try the plugin in your app and quickly provide writing assistance to your users. You can contact Sales if you’re interested in upgrading to the Starter plan or want to get the more advanced features and suggestions in the Plus planWe look forward to bringing you self-serve access to upgrade your plan in the future. 

Two of the most popular features in the Plus plan are autocomplete and the tone detector. Autocomplete will help your users quickly finish their phrases.

Animation of autocomplete finishing a phrase and writing the sentences Would any of the following times work for you? and Would any of these times work for you?
Autocomplete helps your users communicate more efficiently.

Striking the right tone in your writing can be incredibly challenging (I’m sure my sarcasm has never been lost on my readers 😉) and can make the difference between building or weakening a relationship. The tone detector will help your users ensure they are delivering the message they intend.

Screenshot of the tone detector showing that the text sounds informative, formal, and optimisticThe tone detector gives your users confidence that they sound the way they intend.

Apps that benefit from the SDK 📝

Any web or desktop app where users write content will benefit from the writing assistance that the SDK provides. Here are examples of the kinds of applications that could benefit from the SDK, as well as companies that are seeing positive business results after adding the SDK to their apps.

  • Marketplaces and apps that feature user-generated content: Apps that allow users to list items for sale or feature user reviews thrive when the text is high quality and easy to read. These apps commonly have a manual review process that is time-consuming and expensive., a self-storage marketplace, reported that adding Grammarly suggestions to their site has freed up time for their content moderation team, who are intervening less because of the higher-quality listing descriptions.
  • Content management systems (CMSs) and document systems: Many companies, like media companies, build and host their own CMSs and document systems to publish content. They need to ensure that the content is free of mistakes, engages readers, and uses inclusive language prior to publication. 
  • Customer support and communication platforms: When employees communicate with customers, their writing needs to be easy to understand and strike the right tone. Hi Marley, an SMS platform for the insurance industry, found the SDK helped their customers communicate faster and more clearly.
  • Social media management: Social media creators want to ensure their content goes viral . . . in a good way. With the SDK integrated in social media management platforms, creators can ensure their content is free of embarrassing grammar and spelling mistakes and also uses current, inclusive language. Jellysmack, a platform that helps creators manage, distribute, and monetize their work, found that their users accept over 75% of Grammarly suggestions. Vardan Avagov, VP of Product at Jellysmack, said, “The SDK is a huge value add for our copywriters and our business.”
  • Email and chat platforms: Users of email and chat platforms have a variety of needs—everything from casual conversations with friends and family to high-stakes professional communication. Pawel Majda, a product manager at Mailbird, told us, “After integrating Grammarly, it quickly became one of the most popular integrations inside Mailbird and continues to gain more and more users every day.”
  • AI copywriters: Using artificial intelligence to quickly create content is becoming more common. These AI copywriters need to ensure that the content they generate is clear and well-written. 

Visit our post on the Grammarly blog to learn more about how companies like Hootsuite, GoFundMe, and Front are using the SDK in their apps.

How to join the Grammarly for Developers community 🤝 

We’re just getting started, and we’d love for you to join our community! If you want to ask a question, have an idea for improvement, or find a bug, I encourage you to start a discussion in the Grammarly for Developers community on GitHub.

You can also find us on social media: Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch. Be sure to follow us on your favorite platform so you get the latest updates!

Join us for a virtual launch party 🎉

We’re hosting a virtual launch party on Thursday, October 13, on YouTube and Twitch. This is your chance to meet the engineering team that built the SDK and ask them your burning questions. They’ll be showing you how to get started with the SDK and demoing their favorite features.

Register for the launch party, so you don’t miss the event. I hope to see you there!

Wrapping up

We are beyond excited to be releasing the SDK (can you tell? 😀). We hope you find the process of adding the plugin to your app enjoyable and that your users find Grammarly’s suggestions incredibly valuable. 

We can’t wait to see how Grammarly can help your users write their best! Give the SDK a try and tweet a screenshot of your app using #GrammarlyForDevelopers.

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